Why You Should Pierce Your Navel

Topics: Navel piercing, Body piercing, Navel Pages: 2 (622 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Why my parents should let me get my belly button pierced

Some people say that their body is a canvas. That we should express ourselves. I concur, this is my body. I want to be able to express myself the way I want. I’m 15 and I’m responsible enough to take care of the piercing.

There are upsides to getting your daughter’s belly button pierced. It might boost her confidence. It might make her feel prettier. It’s like finding the perfect earrings to go with your outfit. You just feel prettier with them. I feel the same way about having my belly button pierced, whether or not people can see it. I would know it’s there and it would be a reminder to me that I love my body. Another upside is that if I get bored with it, the piercing can be temporary and I can take it out – I don’t want to though.

Piercing your belly button is treated more like an ear piercing nowadays. When I say that I mean it’s a really common place for girls to get pierced. Girls feel that getting their belly button pierced shows independence and maturity although, most parents would disagree. Parents feel that if their daughter’s belly button is pierced, they’ll look like a slut or it’s trashy to have. Most would say that this way of thinking is old fashioned. Any piercing can look trashy depending on the person and the way they dress. Another opinion is that having a belly ring sends different signals to guys. Well, wearing certain anything can send different signals to guys! Basically, it’s not the piercing that’s trashy, it’s the way that person acts.

There do happen to be downsides to a belly button piercing. The piercing could get infected, but with proper care and attention, can be prevented. Depending on pain tolerance, getting the actual piercing could hurt. When I start looking for jobs and or get one, the employer may not like the piercing, although I don’t know how they would see it… If and when I do decide to have a child or children, I will have to...
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