Body Image

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  • Published : May 20, 2013
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Body Image
Imagine a teenage girl sitting in one of her high school classes. Her attention is veered away from the lecture when she glances to her left to find her slim classmate using a compact to admire her new $5,000 nose. The girl runs her finger down her average-sized nose while simultaneously pinching the fat on her equally average-sized stomach. She sighs as numerous shameful thoughts race through her mind: “I shouldn’t have eaten lunch today. Why can’t my parents afford cosmetic surgery? No boy wants me.” Although this particular example is pertaining to a younger girl trying to make it through high school, it would not be uncommon for a similar situation to occur involving a business-driven woman at an office or a man trying to bulk up at the gym. The pressure to improve our appearances is prominent in modern society, and is often blamed on the substantial amount of media and the entertainment world, but the fact of the matter is that this strive for perfection has been pushed upon mankind long before mass media and Hollywood. Anorexic and Bulimia are one of the most prominent eating disorders in young American across the country. Young woman feel the need to be gaunt looking in today’s society. Therefore, I believe that media has a lot to do with how young girls view their looks but we cannot put a scapegoat on all of the media. There is several other factors, for example it is the people that we surround ourselves with; family, peers, and even strangers, which have the greatest and most negative influence on our self-esteem. For every time and culture, there is consistently some form of procedure people, mainly women, put themselves through for this approval. Regarding today’s issues involving self-image, we cannot predominantly blame institutions such as the media, because there has always, and will always, be biological reasoning behind why we let the pressures of others affect us. Women want to impress men with the objective to get married or...