Body Images of Women in the Media

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  • Published : December 4, 2012
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Body Images of Women In The Media
Have you ever seen women on T.V. or online? Most likely, yes but when you see a woman she has almost no clothes on or has a plastic body. Another media problem is if she is not naked, she is having drug or alcohol related issues. The problem with the media portraying women is many kids and teens watch. This is what children see of their elders, this is what they think is normal, an everyday influence when it is unacceptable. However, there are two solutions to this problem. To begin with, no one knows the true definition of beauty, but from a young age children start worrying about their appearance. One girl feels “being pretty or beautiful is the highest accolade, one that usually makes her parents proud; to be pretty is to be approved of, liked and rewarded”. She also mentioned that in “infancy, females are judged by standards of cuteness and prettiness and shifts with age into standards of beauty and glamour.” The media negatively affects young women with unrealistic body images presented or reflected by the media. This image forces us to have self-esteem issues. These advertisements are damaging both our mental physical state of being of many young girls who take extreme measures to live up to the Medias perception of the perfect body type. In addition, many girls feel the need to fit into the mold instead of being there true unique selves. Single individuals are different in their own way, however the media has drilled it into every girls mind, and they must have a Barbie doll figure in order to be happy. In today’s world, young women are constantly under the impression that they have to fit the current definition in order to fit in with society so men can recognize them. The mass media establishes ideological standards that if achieved will equate with happiness and acceptance. However, most girls are never able to meet up to those standards for numerous reasons, which will cause a great deal of...
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