Bob Knowlton Case Study

Topics: Sociology, Perception, Emotion Pages: 2 (487 words) Published: July 24, 2012
After reviewing the Bob Knowlton case study, many concepts that are affecting the communication skills are apparent. Different factors [age, beliefs, culture, gender] were taken in to consideration while reviewing the case. Bobs self concept tells the unique story of the case study. Bob begins his story with a positive self concept and ends with a negative one. Towards the beginning of the case Bob gains self confidence in his work knowing he is a productive worker. During the time Fester arrives and begins working, Bobs self concept fades. During the case, Bob allows Fester to take over the group meetings and even take over his primary meeting as the project head. Eventually Bobs self concept plummets to next to nothing and Bob seeks a new job. Bob let social comparison steer him on to another career path in result to his “private me” being perceived as “not good enough.” The roles of the characters of the case study affect how each and every character interacts with one another. Bob approaches Jerrold with loyal work information, however he never felt comfortable disclosing his own discomforts with Fester being present in fear of showing weakness in his position. As the group began to break up Bob confronted Oliver and Davenport to get a sense of the reason for the splitting, yet did not confront Leak due to his role as a close colleague to Fester. Social needs affect the communication within the characters of the case study. Bob Knowlton loses his sense of control over the photon group, losing his control leads to Bob backing down on his work duties and not running his meetings with the group daily. Not leading the daily group meetings leads to Bob’s sense of inclusion within the group to nearly diminish. Fester seeks control and inclusion socially as well. Fester comes in to the group eager to be productive and solve the companies problems, he immediately meets his need to be included within the group. Fester eventually takes control over the group...
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