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Boarding school is better than daily school.Is this true?

                Yes ,I agree that  boarding school is better than daily school because boarding school can be a great place to meet teachers, to have fun, to make new friends and can also experience new environment while you're at school, but day school is also a good place to go if you don't like being away from your parents or you have great friends where you are. Both are really great, but boarding school can be really fun and you get really close to the people you meet there.                 Furthermore,in boarding school, there are many special help programmes available such as mentor-mentee programme.The purposes of this  mentor-mentee system is to provide guidance to students about academic matters and to foster a close and constructive professional relationship between students and the staff of the Faculty. While all lecturers in the Faculty are potentially academic advisors to all students who seek their advice, each teacher which is a mentor, is assigned particular responsibility to a small group of students which are the mentees.In daily schools ,programme like this is less held compared to  boarding schools.                 Moreover , students will be more independent in life compared to the students who goes to daily schools. This is because, students who are in boarding schools are mostly far apart from their parents .They have to stay in the hostels in their school. In daily school , students can go back home and meet their parents every day. They rely a lot on their parents unlike the students in boarding schools. For students in boarding schools ,they usually have to make their own decision to do something ,unlike daily school students who always depend on their parents . so in  the future ,they can take care of themselves much better.                 In other scope, boarding school can produce individuals who are very creative. This is because they can make something that daily school...
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