Boal's Theater of the Oppressed

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  • Published : February 5, 2011
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Essay- Boal’s theatre of the oppressed
Boal’s techniques in theatre are simple ways of being able to express yourself through acting he uses the effect of oppression being used against someone. His techniques give people the option to speak up for themselves and have a say in what they think should be changed or helped. Boal's theatre created questions that went meant to be brought to the surface and let the public answer them with what they thought. Some of his techniques are image theatre, forum theatre, newspaper theatre, invisible theatre, photo romance, breaking repression, myth theatre, analytical theatre, legislative theatre, rainbow of desire, spect-actor and joker/facilitator. The few techniques we have explored in class are image theatre, forum theatre and invisible theatre. During class we used image theatre as an exercise and as a starting to our assessment performance. Image theatre gives the audience the capture of emotions through pictures not a performance. Boal used this technique as he believed “that the body is the first and primary method of expression “he also said image theatre was mainly used for the expression of oppression. Through the image theatre, we used it an introduction to the performances, like an overview of what was going to happen. This gave the audience time to take in the emotions that were going to be the most powerful throughout the performance, for example the performance of the Jews (me, Carly, Kim, Jess and Jarrod). S and Jarrod) showed the strong moments of oppression, family’s will to stay together and the power of death. Image theatre is more about the feeling and expression that is being shown then the story being told. The emotion that the actors can show through image theatre gives the audience something to think about or act upon as they have no influence from the actors, just there expressions. Forum theatre is the technique we used most throughout studying Boal’s techniques. Forum theatre is a very effective...
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