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BMW Latin America BMW Supports Model Launch, Develops Prospects with Cloud-Based Social Marketing When BMW Latin America had to promote the launch of two new model lines, it wanted to kick off an interactive marketing campaign through the Facebook social network that would support the launch and collect audience data. BMW used Windows Azure to support a solution that integrated the Facebook promotion with its internal Microsoft Dynamics CRM environment, engaged 90,000 consumers, and converted 900 campaign participants into sales prospects. Business Needs

The BMW Group is a global leader in the automotive industry. It has built an international reputation for quality with its BMW, MINI, and Rolls-Royce brands, and the company sells more than 1.5 million automobiles and motorcycles a year. BMW operations in Latin America and the Caribbean are organized in 25 countries across the Western Hemisphere. In 2011, BMW Latin America had to promote the launch of two new lines in the BMW 1 Series of automobiles, and it wanted to kick off a marketing campaign through the Facebook social network. Its target audience matched the profile of typical Facebook users, and the company recognized that a compelling campaign could reach many people very quickly. By using an interactive social media channel, BMW could also collect information about the campaign audience, such as age, gender, career, and education. “We wanted to build an innovative, interactive social media campaign that would promote the launch, drive interest in the product features, and collect audience data,” says Beata Bujalska, eMarketing Analyst at BMW Latin America. BMW generally supports marketing initiatives with corporate resources, but it did not have a corporate program that took advantage of social networking for this model. To promote and support the new model launches on Facebook, BMW Latin America needed to quickly develop its own dynamic solution. The company wanted to deliver content and collect user...
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