Bmw Case Study

Topics: Job satisfaction, Management, Creativity Pages: 3 (950 words) Published: February 13, 2011
BMW Case

Assignment #1: BMW Integrating Case

Professor Mary Tranquillo

Bus 520 Leadership and Organizational Behavior

January 26, 2010

Culture of BMW

Much of BMW’s success has derived from cultivating the concept of an entrepreneurial culture. They have adapted the idea to provide a place where workers feel connected, feel more like a family, and where work is compared to a lifestyle. “From the moment they set foot inside the company, associates experience a sense of place, history, and mission” (Hellriegel & Slocum, 2009, p. 522). The conversation and communication can be formal, but often informal. Decisions are made and ideas are voiced from all members of the team to come up with a great product. All employees work side by side and treated equal. BMW as a company is based on commitment of their workers and less hierarchical barriers. They believe that hierarchical barriers get in the way of innovation. To remember where they came from and to motivate worker’s performances, they revisit their downfall of 1959 at every orientation for new hires. The company is fast paced, that promotes growth opportunity and career advancements, which mean, the workers have to be flexible and creative. Managers that are willing to achieve excellence are promoted with little time for training. They have to work closely with subordinates and peers to learn information.

Model of leadership
“BMW’s management system is flat, flexible, entrepreneurial -and fast.” It demonstrates how the company adapts to sudden change at a fast paced rate. It also demonstrates how different ideas are accepted within the company, and how working side by side is an effective way to become successful. An example of leadership is the story of 1959, which describes a failure the company experienced and ways they communicated to work together to change the crisis at a fast pace to become on top again. In 1959, BMW almost went Bankrupt and Mercedes was going to buy them...
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