Bloom's Taxonomy

Topics: Medicine, Medical terms, Educational psychology Pages: 2 (526 words) Published: July 11, 2012
Nurses are accountable and responsible for educating patients in health care settings. In health care, chronic diseases are the leading cause of death and disability worldwide (World Health Organization, n.d.). Chronic diseases prevention and control helps patients’ live longer and have healthier lives. Effective patient education helps decrease the incidence and impact of chronic diseases. This paper will show the use of nursing education in managing patients with chronic diseases, and the three domains outlined in Bloom’s Taxonomy of Education. Effective patient education can help decrease the incidence and impact of chronic diseases. Chronic diseases are cardiovascular diseases, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases, and diabetes (Larsen, 2009). A main step in nursing education is to develop a patient teaching plan. A patient teaching plan is an individualized plan of care. The individualized plan of care will develop a nursing diagnosis, and from that diagnosis develop a plan. Assessments are made whether or not it has been successful or not. The individualized plans of care are customized to the patient’s educational level, preferred language, and have an awareness of culture. The plan of care will have set goals and measurable time-limited goals. Nursing education can be a part of managing patients with chronic disease. Nursing education can be effective with the use of an educational intervention using the framework of Bloom’s Taxonomy of Educational Objectives (Larkin, 2008). Blooms Taxonomy is a classification of learning objectives divided into three categories. The first category is cognitive. The skills in cognitive revolves around knowledge, comprehension, critical thinking, and mental skills. In nursing education this category is assessed with the patient in exhibiting memory of previously learned material. For example, evaluating the patient with heart disease with a question, such as what are the health benefits of eating a low sodium diet. The...
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