Blending Spiritual Values with Business

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  • Published : February 3, 2013
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Blending Spiritual Values with Business
The root for value is valor, which means strength. Values are sources of strength because they give people the power to take action. Values are deep and emotional and often difficult to change. Values are the essence of any organization and philosophy for achieving success. Values provide employees with a sense of common direction and guidelines for day to day behavior. The first step in creating an atmosphere of common commitment is to invite the hearts and minds of employees to join the purpose of the organization. Shared missions, values and vision bring people together. They unite and provide the link between diverse people and activities. People who share values or vision are more likely to take responsibility; they are more likely to challenge the limits of convention. Values provide guidance. Spiritual value is a way of expressing more humanity and recognizes each persons own beliefs. Traditional ways of achieving values do not provide the flexibility and responsiveness necessary for a customer focused stance in a rapidly changing and unpredictable environment. The development of an individual and building on creativity will naturally require spiritual practice e in the process of achieving an organizational goal. The rate at which an individual grows is mostly self-determined. An organizational goal to deliver a product on time within budget may force or inspire an employee to learn new skills and assume greater responsibility in order to achieve that goal. In this sense, spiritual goals and organizational goals are not only compatible, but mutually beneficial. If we view companies from a broader perspective, we would see that spirituality inspire a new way of doing business, the basic spiritual values in management are Honesty/Integrity, trustworthy, Cooperation, Respect, Patience, Responsibility, Flexibility and Unity. 1. Honesty/ Integrity:

Honesty means that there are no contradictions or discrepancies in thoughts, word, or actions. To be honest to one’s real self and task and inspire faith in others. Honesty is never to misuse that which is given in trust. Honesty is a clear conscience “before myself and before my fellow human beings.” Honesty is the awareness of what is right and appropriate in one’s role, one’s behavior, and one relationship. With honesty, there is no hypocrisy or artificiality which creates confusion and mistrust in the minds and lives of others. Honesty makes for a life of integrity because the inner and outer selves are a mirror image Honesty is to speak that which is thought and to do that which is spoken. There are no contradictions or discrepancies in thoughts, words, or actions. Such integration provides clarity and example to others. To have one form internally and another form externally creates barriers and can cause damage. Honesty is as distinct as a flawless diamond which can never remain hidden. The worth is visible in one’s actions. To be trusted and to trust provide the foundation and cohesion necessary for untarnished relationships. It is also necessary to share with honesty the feelings and motives of one another. When there is honesty and cleanliness, there is also closeness. Without these principles, neither individuals nor societies can be functional. An honest person is one who aspires to follow the highest codes of conduct, who is loyal to the benevolent and universal principles of life, and whose decisions are based clearly on what is right and wrong. Such an individual maintains standards which provide guidance and courage to understand and respect the subtle connections of the world in relation to his or her life. An honest person appreciates the interconnectedness of the natural world and does not misuse, abuse, or waste the wealth of resources provided for the well-being of humanity. An honest person does not take for granted his or her own resources such as mind, body, wealth, time, talents, or knowledge. Honesty means...
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