Christian Worldview-Maximize Wealth

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  • Published : May 4, 2013
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Running head: Christian Worldview - Should a Christian Maximize Shareholder Wealth?

Christian Worldview: Should a Christian Maximize Shareholder Wealth? Susan Mason University of Mobile

2 Christian Worldview - Should a Christian Maximize Shareholder Wealth?

Abstract The purpose of this paper is to answer the question, as a business CEO in charge of decisions affecting the profit margins of a company and shareholder stake, “Should a Christian maximize Shareholder wealth?” To answer the question with a definite Yes or No, an analytical review of the situation will be performed using Biblical based reasoning while avoiding personal opinion in an effort to support the writer’s stance of Yes or No. Keywords: Christian, shareholder, wealth maximization, business, bible, biblical,

3 Christian Worldview - Should a Christian Maximize Shareholder Wealth?

Christian CEO’s in today’s business world may find it more challenging than ever to meld their own personal belief system with that of the company they have signed on with. In a perfect world, the company would be a Christian organization with a mission to uphold a value system that a Christian CEO could easily represent. The reality of the business world is that

oftentimes Christians find themselves working for companies that have a different set of values than their own. Finding a way to be true to one’s own self and still uphold the company’s best interest is not impossible but it can definitely prove to be a trial of one’s faith. If a Christian CEO has accepted a position within a company then they have also agreed to perform the requirements of

his/her job to the best of their abilities. Some of the primary tasks listed on a CEO’s duties are to manage the business and affairs of the Corporation within the guidelines established by the Board and report to the Board of Directors; recommend to the Board strategic directions for the Corporation’s business, and when approved by the Board,...
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