Do Christian Values Have a Place in Business?

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  • Published : June 19, 2012
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Do Christian Values Have a Place in Business?
Business Ethics

Do Christian values have a place in business? Does oil mix with water? No it does not. This would be a typical response for most business owners in the twenty –first century. In the United States and abroad businesses have experienced mass corruption, and headlines depict the deterioration of business ethics among our growing global community. Many business owners aspire to ethical principles regarding the operations of their business but many would most likely agree that upholding Christian values would be detrimental to their business. As a Believer and a former business owner, Christian values where a high priority for myself. Many times criticism for trying to uphold Christian principles ensued. However, my belief in practicing Christian values never waned. Below we will discuss the similarities and differences between Christian values and Business ethics and what would Jesus do?

According to Larry Burkett, “Business by the Book”, although Christian values in business may be somewhat outdated for some people, it is not a new concept by any means. In the 19th century business schools taught, ethics and Christian principles and Biblical principles were included in American business theory along with Accounting and Economics. (Burkett, front cover)During this time the economy soared. Burkett discusses several basic biblical minimums that are similar to secular business ethics. Accountability, quality and fair pricing, honoring creditors, treating employees fair and treating customers fair are also some typical business ethics for many businesses.

Accountability is essential in business, without checks and balances corruption would run amuck. Even Christians are susceptible to the whiles of greed and fall short of God’s expectations. Television, Radio, Internet and Newspapers flaunt the fruits of greed shamelessly on a daily...
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