Black Swan Report

Topics: Mental disorder Pages: 1 (253 words) Published: February 15, 2013
Unreliable narrator is a narrator who can’t be trusted, because of a bias point of view, ignorance or self-interest. In the other hand, a reliable narrator is trustworthy, impartial, and most of the times omniscient. I loved the point of view of this movie because it all happened from the point of view of Nina, the protagonist. If you have some general knowledge about psychological disorders you will suspect of Nina having schizophrenia or dissociative identity disorder. Nina is not a reliable narrator, because her point of view of reality is altered. I believe that Nina doesn’t die at the end. We can’t trust her as a narrator. If she suffers schizophrenia, probably the scene in which she breaks the mirror and attacks Lily isn’t truth; therefore she couldn’t have stabbed herself. I also find it hard to believe the fact that she danced with a big blood spot the whole presentation and no one in the crew or crowd notice and she never fainted while dancing because of the loss of blood. I don’t believe the ending is real. I think the ending is symbolic and Nina “dying” as the white swan is actually Nina accepting that the world is not that good and she’s losing her innocence. Another thing can be that she lost her rational side and became totally insane. About the film, I believe some of the scenes were not necessary; they could have been less explicit. It was a great film and I loved the theme.
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