Biology Ap Lab Report

Topics: Starch, Carbohydrate, Glucose Pages: 2 (393 words) Published: October 15, 2011
Lab Report
* Color reaction of starch when mixed with Iodine solution Introduction:
* How would the varying solutions react when introduced with the Iodine solution?
* If a solution is rich in starch then it will react with iodine solution and change to a bluish-black color (looks Brown) Materials:
* 8 test tubes, pipet, iodine, onion juice, potato juice, sucrose solution, glucose solution, distilled water, fructose solution, starch solution, & beats juice Safety Concerns:
* If the iodine touches skin it might burn
* Everything smells bad chance of vomiting
1. Get 8 test tubes and mark each one with a sharpie from 1 to 8 2. Add 10 drops of each solution in each of the numbered tubes each to the appropriate one (Shown on the table) 3. Add three to five drops of the iodine solution

4. Record the color change of each solution on table 1

* From the many solutions it was figured that out of solutions the starch, beet, glucose, and potato solutions had a positive reaction to the Iodine. Tube| Solution| Iodine Color Reaction|
1| 10 drops of onion juice| Yellowish-Brown|
2| 10 drops of potato juice| Bluish-Black|
3| 10 drops of sucrose solution| Yellowish-Brown|
4| 10 drops of glucose solution| Bluish-Black|
5| 10 drops of distilled water| Yellowish-Brown|
6| 10 drops of fructose solution| Yellowish-Brown|
7| 10 drops of starch solution| Bluish-Black|
8| 10 drops of beet juice| Bluish-Black|

* From the experiment it was obvious that the starch solution was the positive control, while the distilled water was the negative control. * It was concluded that the iodine reacted to coiled carbohydrates. Conclusion:

* At the end of this experiment I was able to conform and accept my hypothesis, since the positive control; starch, and the other rich in starch solutions turned to Bluish-Black color....
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