Biological Aspects of Beauty

Topics: Evolutionary psychology, Natural selection, Critical thinking Pages: 3 (1008 words) Published: April 13, 2008
“The Biology of Facial Beauty”, an article from the International Journal of Cosmetic Science, states that it is common misconception that beauty is unsystematic. In fact, due to the contributions of biology, beauty is very predictable despite various factors, such as nationality, age, and race (317). This article is captivating and informative. Nevertheless, it could be improved by establishing a more clear-cut thesis and only selecting a few biological aspects of beauty to research and analyze in depth. The authors, B. Fink and N. Neave, have taken on the complicated task of analyzing five aspects of beauty when analyzing two or three in depth would suffice and prove more effective. The thesis of this article is not apparent at first and requires quite a bit of rereading. The thesis of this article claims that the study of beauty has attracted a substantial amount of attention from cosmetic companies, plastic surgeons, and scientists (317). The thesis provides no real argument other than beauty has attracted a extensive amount of attention. The authors then continue to state that positive qualities are associated with attractive faces, which is attributed to the pleasurable feelings those faces provide. For the most part, claims are persuasive and establish credibility because they are supported by cited research. However, stating so many claims make the first couple of paragraphs wordy and vague. This article includes a synopsis before the introduction that helps clear up some of the ambiguity. It is understood that this article will attempt to explain the biological aspects of beauty, but it is not evident, at first, whether this article will cover both male and female facial beauty and other minor details concerning the article.

The authors seem to take on too many aspects that contribute to beauty and not fully explore any of them. They are indecisive as to what their stance was on certain issues, such as, beauty being in the eye of the beholder and...
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