The Ugly Truth About Beauty

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  • Published : December 4, 2011
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M N Matthews,
English 21A Section 1225
5 July 2011
The Ugly Truth about Beauty: Summary

In the article entitled The Ugly truth about Beauty written by Dave Barry, Barry illustrates how women view differently about their appearance than men. Women have very unrealistic perspectives on beauty. Society and the media, encourages low self-esteem. Making beauty unattainable for women and causing adversely affects upon relationships. Women focus so much on their appearance to say “not good enough”, purchasing products from the beauty industry. In contrast, Men on the other hand do not spend as much time and effort on their appearance like women; they do not spend countless hours in the mirror trying to figure out why he doesn’t look like Brad Pitt. Instead men would find some way to bolster their self-esteem that doesn’t require the looks of Brad Pitt. However to keep in mind that Dave Barry”; A man has written the article, “The ugly Truth about Beauty”. Barry implies that women have low self-esteem, yet no matter how much you tell women how great she looks, in her perspective she will stand face to face in the mirror still conclude that something is missing about her appearance. But “just because WE’RE idiots, that does not mean YOU have to be”.

To Agree or Not
Yes I do agree with Barry’s assessment of why there are differences in the ways men and women view themselves. The Beauty Industry and the media is a great factor such as television. Celebrities are always on T.V. constantly becoming a target of what’s next? Kids, men and women watch shows and at times pay close attention to them, wondering what their wearing ,trying to get a clue of what to wear and what not to wear. Media always find ways to a person mind through advertisements. T.V. ads promote clothes, beauty products implanting the idea that, “you need this product to age young” or “Have a great body for the summer with Nutri-system” ,“Turn heads with head and shoulders , New and Improved...
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