The Beauty Myth

Topics: Woman, Religion, Female Pages: 4 (1399 words) Published: June 19, 2008
The Beauty Myth

Modern times have revealed a more tolerant attitude expressed by society towards those who in the past have been seen as lower class. This included people of other races, of mental disability, those in poverty, diseased, the elderly, children, and women. However, underneath this false sense of tolerance and the “standard belief” that women and men are created equal is the beauty myth. The Beauty Myth is everywhere in media and the social order. Women’s rights and equality is controlled through false standards of beauty by society. “It is a violent backlash against feminism that uses images of female beauty as a political weapon against women’s advancement: the beauty myth”.

The book written by Naomi Wolf entitled the Beauty Myth is divided into chapters. These chapters are centered on how the Beauty Myth is a factor is several aspects of women’s lives. The Beauty Myth affects women through work, culture, religion, sex, hunger, and violence. It changes a female’s perspective on how we are seen and how we see ourselves, easily contorting beauty to contort our thought.

To closely examine modern women in the working world, we look at their importance to men. Beauty is evaluated as wealth, and women’s “beauty” has become a form of currency in circulation among men. A woman looks like a millions dollars, she’s a first-class beauty, her face is her fortune. Once the women’s movement had made progression into the labor market, the work force swelled. The percentage of women with jobs in the United States rose from 31.8% after WWII to 53.4% in 1984. Women entering the work force allowed their “qualifications” to be assigned financial value. Women work twice as hard as men. The beauty backlash developed because of fear. For the power structure that has always been in place insofar to continue as such, women must be restrained. This is true, centuries back and all over the world. In modern tribal societies working unceasingly during the daylight...
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