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Topics: Walter Inglis Anderson, Hurricane Katrina, Ocean Springs, Mississippi Pages: 2 (686 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Bethanie Orange
February 29, 2012
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Artist Biography
Walter Inglis Anderson was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, on September 29, 1903. He was born to George Walter Anderson a merchant, and Annette McConnell an artist. She had a passion for art, music, and literature which strongly influenced Anderson. He had an older brother named Peter and a younger brother named Mac. He attained edges from the parson Institute of Design in New York and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts where he won the Packard Award for an animal drawing contest against the whole student body. His hobbies were poetry, science, history and art history. He also studied the major literary epics such as Homer and Virgil, which led to a number of sketches based on their events.

After he was finished with his education he moved to Ocean Springs, Mississippi. There he met Agnes Grinstead and later married her. Together they had four children: Mary, Bill, Leif, and John. He worked for his brother Peter at Shearwater pottery, which is still in operation in Ocean Springs today. It was also in the 1930s that Anderson was diagnosed with schizophrenia and spend three years in and out of hospitals. He was placed in several mental hospitals but overtime figured out a way to escape. Later in the 1940s he and his family moved to his father-in-laws plantation home in Gautier, Mississippi. He left his family in 1947 to go live in a cottage on the Shearwater pottery compound. He spent eighteen years traveling back and forth from Horn Island, an Island eleven miles off of the coast of Mississippi. This is when Anderson created most of his existing art work.

He traveled to and from Horn Island in a rowboat, sometimes rigged with a sail. He
Bethanie Orange, 2

painted in the open and sometimes used his boat as a tent. Anderson painted pictures of everything in nature that he possibly could...
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