Augustus the General

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Paper 2: Portrait of Augustus

Megan Wilson

Indiana Wesleyan University

Art Appreciation

Professor Giles

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Paper 2: Portrait of Augustus
The “Portrait of Augustus as General from Primaporta” sculpture is a very interesting piece of art. The sculpture got its name from the town where it was found (Kinard, 2008). Augustus appears to be pointing in a general direction as if he is giving a speech. Augustus appears to be very young and looks almost perfect. He has a very content yet stern look upon his face like he is trying to make a point about something. The uniform that Augustus is wearing has intricate and detailed artwork on it. The top half of the uniform has a scene on it and the bottom half looks almost like a skirt. There is a sheet that is wrapped around his hips and hangs over his left hand. He is holding a staff in his right hand and it is very simple and dark in color. He has one leg slightly bent as if he is going to take a step. At the other leg there is a baby that is reaching up to Augustus. The baby appears to be on a dolphin that is coming up out if the base of the statue.

The muscles in his arms and legs are defined in great detail. The baby is also defined and appears to be fat. The detail on his face makes him appear age-less and almost god-like. His hair is defined you can see the lines in the hair and they make it appear slightly messy. The uniform shows the scene of...
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