Binary Compensation Plan

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Binary Compensation Plan A
t USANA Health Sciences, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your own personal success. For this reason, we have invested considerable time and money in developing a compensation plan that gives every Associate the best opportunity for network marketing success—a plan that establishes a departure from the traditional multilevel marketing requirements of heavy sponsoring and large group volumes. for developing immediate income for your business while youbuildalong-termbaseofsatisfiedcustomers.In fact, many of your best Associates will likely come from the ranks of your retail customers. Weekly Commissions

Commissions are paid on whole increments of the balanced Group Sales Volume (GSV) accumulated in yourleft-sideandright-sideorganizations(seeWeekly The USANA Binary Compensation Plan eliminates Commission Payout Schedule on page 3). Unlike other many of the pitfalls that plague traditional network compensation plans, extra volume of up to 5,000 marketing plans. Following are just a few of the benefits points on each side is carried forward. As you develop of the USANA Binary Compensation Plan: an organization of Associates and Preferred Customers, • BybuildingadownlineofAssociatesanddevelopinga you become eligible to earn commissions and bonuses. strong base of customers, you can begin to realize WhenyouandtheotherAssociatesinyourorganization financial success. generate sales volume through downline and Preferred Customer sales, you can receive commissions from your • Thereisgreaterdepthfromwhichyoucanearn Group Sales Volume. Through the USANA Binary commissions. Compensation Plan, you can begin to create long-term • Commissionsarepaidweekly,motivatingnew financial success. Associates to immediate success. • Youruplinehasanincentivetoworkwithyoutohelp Matching Bonuses you build your downline. Associatescanreceiveuptoa100%MatchingBonusfor eight months (32 weeks) on the sales volume of other • Associatesuccessismorewidespreadandevenly Associates they enroll who become Platinum PaceSetters. distributed; the plan is fair to everyone involved. Areas of Income There are six ways to earn income with the USANA Binary Compensation Plan: •RetailSales •WeeklyCommissions •MatchingBonuses •Incentives •LeadershipBonuses •EliteBonuses Retail Sales IndependentUSANAAssociatesmaybeDistributorsof USANAproducts.AsaDistributor,youcanpurchase productsatwholesalecost.Whenyouselltheseproducts to your customers at retail price, you earn an immediate profit. The difference between what you pay for the product and the price at which you sell the product is your retail profit. Theimportanceofsellingcannotbeoveremphasized.It is the surest method you and your new Associates have TheMatchingBonuspercentageearnedisbasedonthe following criteria: •IfthesponsoringAssociateisaPlatinumPaceSetter, thesponsorwillearna100%MatchingBonus. •IfthesponsoringAssociateisaPaceSetter,thesponsor willearna50%MatchingBonus. •IfthesponsoringAssociateisneitheraPaceSetter nor a Platinum PaceSetter, the sponsor will earn a 25% MatchingBonus. Incentives Associates at all levels can be rewarded with luxury travel, prizes, and even extra cash through USANA’s generous incentive programs. Leadership Bonuses & Elite Bonuses For Associates who demonstrate leadership abilities by building large and successful organizations, USANA also offerstwoveryexcitingbonusprograms—Leadership andElite.

Pay Plan & Policies

Binary Compensation Plan
ToqualifyfortheLeadershipandEliteBonuses,an Associate must: • enerateatleast100pointsinPersonalSalesVolume G (PSV) during the current four-week period. • aximizeatleastoneBusinessCenterduringthe M current week. • elpapersonallysponsoredAssociatequalifyto H earn commissions for the first time at the...
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