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  • Published : July 30, 2012
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Introduction: Importance of computers. Think for a moment about what life would be like without computers. How many of you use computers to email your friends? How many of you play games online, and surf the web for easy information access, or just for entertainment? How many of you type your papers in MS Office, or prepare class presentations in PowerPoint? This assignment itself gives an example of the importance of computers. All of this is possible, and has become a daily part of life thanks to one creative thinker: Bill Gates.

Bill Gates: The Person.

- Bill Gates is from Seattle, Washington, in the USA.

- He was born William Henry Gates III to William Henry Gates II and Mary Maxwell Gates. His father was a lawyer and his mother a teacher.

- Bill Gates began university studies at Harvard University, but dropped out of college in his third year. Bill Gates met XXXXX XXXXX, who would be his future colleague and partner in founding Microsoft, at Harvard, where the two developed the programming language "BASIC."

Bill Gates: Impact on Microsoft

-Gates had a vision: He believed that every home and office should have a working computer. He also saw the huge effect computers could have in helping companies maximize their potential. This is reflected in the mission statement of the Microsoft Corporation: "To enable people and businesses throughout the world to realize their full potential."

- Gates worked as a team, with XXXXX XXXXX and, as time went on, with many other people. He knew how to maximize the strengths and talents of individuals in order to achieve the highest possible quality.

- Beginning with MS-Dos, Microsoft has been the main developer of computer programs and systems. Computers are commonly known, easy to use, and an important part of daily life for millions of people around the world largely thanks to Microsoft, which continues to be the largest and most influential computer corporation on the market.

- Bill...