Big Mistake

Topics: PlayStation Portable, Nintendo DS, History of video game consoles Pages: 2 (850 words) Published: February 10, 2011
Big Mistake

Many times before people have made mistakes in their lives, I remember a time when I made a big mistake and learned from my experience. It was two years ago, I was in the sixth grade at my house on one cold morning, so cold that the water I had left on the kitchen table last night was cold. I was getting ready to go to target with my mom and my big brother named Henry, he was the biggest trouble maker I know. He steels, doesn’t do his homework or doesn’t even go to school sometimes, or doesn’t come home when he’s supposed to, talks back to my mom. I just ignore him whenever he annoys me because I don’t want start an argument. I got my sweater, the one that is one plus my normal size because it is cozy and warm, I took my Nintendo Ds with me to play during the car slowly because I was tired, I walked toward the front door and there standing was a Target employee. Once I entered the door the employee named Mike, said with excitement, “good morning” and I yawned and waved I knew his name tag. My mom like always looks in the women’s area so I just go to the video games with Henry, I put my Ds in my pocket because it is embarrassing when people are looking a new, clean, and awesome versions of Ds’s and then look at my old, dirty, and under conditioned Ds. My Ds has a crack on the outer shell, also it has dirt in the shell and sometimes the games don’t work. I was in the section named Nintendo Ds there I saw a cover for my Ds that was cool and it was the theme of Mario Bros. which would make my Ds look cool, I wanted it so bad but it coast twenty dollars and my mom was already going to buy me clothes plus she would say that she wouldn’t say that she wouldn’t spend money on something I don’t need. I begged and begged until the point where she was about to get me grounded but it didn’t work so I left to where Henry was in the PSP (PlayStation Portable) area, he had his PSP with him and I saw that he was looking at covers for his PSP. I was about to tell...
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