Worst Mistake in History

Topics: Agriculture, Human, Civilization Pages: 2 (551 words) Published: May 29, 2013
The Worst Mistake?

According to Jared Diamond’s text, the Agriculture Revolution is thought of being the worst mistake made in human history where as when humans hunted and gathered was the high peak. He also states that domesticating crops brought great confusing creating social classes and inequality between men and women. I completely disagree with this opinion. First of all the Agricultural Revolution was a crucial element when forming earliest civilizations. Second, I don’t think that domesticating crops created such a confusion by creating these social classes and the inequality. Lastly, his statement about clumping together as a civilization being the cause of spreading diseases is completely invalid contradicting to everything the human race has accomplished so far.

12,000 years ago, the Agricultural Revolution started separating the Neolithic Period and the Paleolithic Period. The major change between the Paleolithic and Neolithic period was the domestication of animals and crops. The Agricultural Revolution brought dramatic changes in the Neolithic Period. People no longer had to chase animals around and were able to settle in one place and start the first civilizations. It was a change from a Hunter gatherer to farmers. This is where I disagree with Jared Diamond. He states that all the Agricultural Revolution did was create confusion forming social classes and the inequality between men and women. A defined Social class is a crucial element of starting a civilization so that part is debatable. Domestication abled us to settle in one stop which gave us a head start on starting our civilization. This process wasn’t necessary confusing making it an disadvantage for the human race.

The issue about nutrition that Jared Diamond brings up is debatable because it might really depend on what region he studied to find the numbers. Even though humans started to domesticate crops, it doesn’t mean they didn’t hunt for animals. During the...
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