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Topics: Digital media, Media technology, Electronic media Pages: 9 (3049 words) Published: March 22, 2013
Brandon Mitchell
Mr. J. Partin
ENG 112-FJT19
10 November 2011
Adults Playing as Children
It is a typical day for me and my alarm just went off. I hop out of bed, go to the bathroom and then fix breakfast. Right afterwards I head over to my computer and go to my favorites tab. From here, I open multiple tabs all containing message boards to my favorite anime artists. Hours fly by as I sit there reading what everyone else had to say about a particular drawing, or how everyone had taken my post from last night. All throughout my surfing time I pop in a Hot Pocket or two; something quick with little mess. With the den a mess and my obsession still feeding, mom will be home soon. I know I should probably pick up after myself, but I think mom likes to clean. She does it every day. Instead of cleaning up, I decide to do a Google search looking for more fan sites. Now its five thirty and mom strolls in with her hands full of groceries. I acknowledge her with a simple greeting and then return to my screen. After putting the groceries up she walks into the den. With an irritated tone she simply says, “You couldn’t have picked up your food wrappers when you were done eating.” With a simple shrug and “I forgot,” I continue to surf through the pages. Moments later my mom comes back and sits down in the den, right behind me. I spin my chair around and she requests a moment to talk. The entire time we talked, the only thing I could hear was blah, blah, blah, until she ended her statement with, “Aren’t you ever going to grow up? You are doing the same things you were doing almost ten years ago in high school. You need higher education and a career. You can’t keep living like you’re fifteen.” I was speechless. Never had I stopped to think about what I was doing with myself, just kind of kept playing games. Where was I heading in life as a student, child, and citizen? I started looking for a job and wanted to apply for college, but I could not pull myself from my computer. Many young people these days tend to always be plugging into something, whether it be an iPod, Smartphone, or laptop, and this is hurting the youth of the growing generation. Children carry on a conversation with the person sitting right beside them, without ever saying a word, or even look in their direction. Digital media is everywhere from home, work, and even in the classroom. Margaret Morse author of Virtualities: Television, Media Art, and Cyberculture, covers many aspects of privatization in today’s growing youth. In part two, section four of her book, Margaret starts with a prediction made in the nineteenth century stating that societal advancements would lead to privatization or loner-ism (109). Morse continues that with sustained privatizations, a psychological effect that creates a virtual fantasy through disassociation of face-to-face interactions. She then goes on to explain how digital media is engineering privatizations: As labor is more and more liberated from solar and circadian rhythms, cycles of commuting, shopping, and viewing becomes shiftable as well. Television program schedules are “intricately woven into the fabric of our routine daily activites” (Moores 23), because they are organized by the same division of labor outside and inside the family which recruits the daily commuter and recreational shopper. And it is the demands of labor that may produce a state of mind and body which is best compensated within the comfort zone. (109) This alone should put many parents at risk of a stagnant child. A child that will never moves away from home or help the family out in anyway, nonetheless the growing adolescent’s societal input. Herein lays the problem. In a recent journal, “The Influence of Technology on the Initiation of Interpersonal Relationships,” author Jeffrey McQuillen, researches a study on the importance personal interactions play on ones maturity, “The absence of the characteristics associated with...
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