Best Day Ever

Topics: Cake, Butter, Birthday Pages: 2 (798 words) Published: November 16, 2010
My Best Day Ever
It seems to me that birthday celebrations’ become less interesting as time passes. There are no more party hats, balloons, cake, ice cream, and the joyful sound of “Happy Birthday.” I guess that’s why we hold all the good memories inside our heart, so whenever there’s a bad issue that may come up, we can reminisce on the past. In fact, birthday celebrations in my family were rare because my grandmother was raising eight children in a three bedroom house by herself, and she wasn’t able to provide certain things we needed at times. I do remember one special birthday that made me realize how important family means to me. On March 22, 1979, it was a warm, beautiful, breezy, summer day, and I could hear the chirping of baby birds in their nest. Upon my face shined the bright sun through my bedroom window. This day represented my birth right of turning fourteen years old, and I needed to figure out what to wear on this special occasion. As I walked toward my closet door, there was a breeze of warm spring sunflowers gathering in each corner of my bedroom. As I inhaled this delightful smell, I thought of my favorite sunflower dress to wear. The length went below my knees and it had two straps on each shoulder. The base color of my dress was pure white cotton material with medium sunflowers patterns around the bottom. I chose my flat flip-flop scandals and brushed my hair into a ponytail with a white ribbon tied in a bow. At that moment in my life, I felt like a beautiful young lady. As I stood in front of the mirror admiring myself, a loud knock rattle from the other side of my bedroom door. I opened the door, and there stood my sisters and brothers with the excitement of “Happy Birthday” roaring off their tongues. My eyes began to fill with tears just knowing that my family was as excited as I was about my special day. We all decided to run downstairs to wake up my grandmother to let her know that this was my special day. As I proceeded to...
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