Benefits of Team Building

Topics: Team, Construction, Earthquake engineering Pages: 3 (892 words) Published: November 15, 2010
M. D. Shadduck

There certainly is no shortage of consultants that provide team-building services but the Pros and Cons tend to vary among managers. Some managers have found these services helpful while others have found them to be a waste of time and money - just another consulting fad that provides no real performance benefits. We will look at the kinds of problems and issues that can be resolved through team-building exercises. Also, some advantages and disadvantages will be reviewed, and lastly, if they can do more harm than good. Let's begin with some of the positive things that can come from team-building.

One company offers team expeditions. "The most incredible team building events offered in any state in the union". "Popular Team Expeditions are modeled on the now famous Eco Challenge, the Expeditions are loads of fun and build incredible levels of team camaraderie and team spirit". Sounds exciting!

In this example, the "Team Building Expeditions" are designed to present its members with escalating tests of their abilities to learn the importance of team trust, communication, commitment, interpersonal support, accountability, and risk-taking. Another company specializing in team-building is pioneering "A hot, new trend" called C.S.R. C.S.R. is short for Corporate Social Responsibility. This two-hour Team Bonding activity enables participants to support the work of Habitat for Humanity who helps provide new homes for low-income families across the nation. Certainly a noble, worth-while cause. There are certainly many kinds of problems and issues where team building services can be beneficial. One readily beneficial area is Management Development. The skills to be gained are many. From a combination of groups that were on-line, here is what one might expect to gain: Essential Skills of Communicating - constructing clear and concise messages in the interest of the receiver. Step Up to Accountability - determine...
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