Benefits of Returning to School

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I wanted to attend college directly after high school. But many different circumstances kept me from going; I began a job that required a lot of my time, energy, and focus, and then I got married and gave birth to my daughter Heidi. Now at age 27 I finally have the opportunity to go to college. This is an important step for me. There are many reasons an education and degree are crucial for my personal, professional, and educational goals. In today’s competitive workforce most careers require a degree. Though at times it has been rough, returning to school is the best decision for me, my career, and my daughter.

Returning to school offers me many personal benefits. In today’s fast moving and competitive workforce, most jobs require some sort of a degree. I have bounced from one job to the next and always felt there was something missing. I would love to be satisfied in my career and enjoy getting up and going to work. Job satisfaction is a direct link to healthy self-concept and self-esteem. According to Witt & Mossler, Holland’s personality theory states “those who have a social personality will have job satisfaction as a social worker” (p. 4 chapter 2). In order for me to have a profession that I enjoy and have a substantial amount of income I need to obtain my degree, and there are so many other rewarding benefits a degree offers. In order to use my past experience to help others with substance abuse, I need to have the educational knowledge and degree. I have been a substance abuser in the past and this has taken me down many different paths. I began using because my sister was an addict and she introduced me to the narcotic world. I kept using because it helped with my depression stress and anxiety. I remember how I weaved myself into a web of lies and pushed loved ones away. I...
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