Returning to School Has Its Benefits.

Topics: Education, High school, Academic degree Pages: 3 (1217 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Returning to school has its benefits.
Christina Williamson
ENG121: English Composition I (GSC1227I)
Kristin Narjes
July 16, 2012

Why do people go back to school after so many years of being out of school? Most people such as myself go back to school to receive a qualified paying job or a career. I have been planning on going back to school for a moment. I decided it was time to take my education furthering becoming a successful mother with a career. While reading, you will see the following areas coved such as: furthering my education to receive a satisfying career, being a role model for my children, and being independently free from barriers of a lack of education.

There are so many single parents who are going back to school to further there education to receive a satisfying career. Since, I am a single mother without education I am passed up for jobs with the lacking of education. Most single parents already have a hard time getting a job. Then without an education you don’t have an argument to even stand on. As you go back to school you start to open up more opportunity for yourself. People will argue with you even though you have an education you could still get a job like McDonald, Target and Wal-Mart. When you think about being a college graduate receiving a job such as Wal-Mart we don’t realize you are able to climb the latter at a fast pastes since having an education. I remember a friend of mine worked at Wal-Mart as a cashier, he was only there for a month or so and they where looking for a manger position. Now, they had this woman who been working at Wal-Mart for 20 plus years. See, this woman knew how to work all areas in the job from top to bottom, but just because she didn’t have a college degree they gave the job to Rychard just because he had a degree in business management. The woman was upset she was passed up for the job since she had more experience then he did. Just...
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