Benefits of Green Buildings over Conventional Buildings

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Green buildings save money because they conserve resources and enhance efficiency by:
* Using natural insulation such as roof gardens
* Using technology such as solar panels, fuel cells, and photovoltaics * Conserving water and reducing runoff using solar water heating, contour landscaping, and water-conserving or water-recycling appliances * Maximizing energy conservation and efficiency by optimizing building orientation and integrating natural daylight and ventilation


Green buildings reduce the environmental impact of the building industry by:

* Using materials that are selected based on their life-cycle environmental impacts * Making use of renewable energy resources
* Minimizing the use of mined rare metals and persistent synthetic compounds * Applying reduce, reuse, and recycle to materials in all phases of construction and demolition * Reducing harmful waste products produced during construction


Green buildings enhance occupant safety, health, and comfort by: * Applying maintenance and operational practices that reduce or eliminate harmful effects on people and the natural environment * Reducing or eliminating toxic and harmful materials and finishes * Employing personal, local control over temperature, air flow, and lighting.


Perception #1: Green buildings are costlier

Reality: Considerable research and analysis has been carried out with regard to the cost impacts of a green building. The cost could be slightly higher than a conventional building

The critical paradigm is to look at the incremental cost in relation

to the life cycle . Over its life cycle of 75-100 years, the operating cost would work out to 80-85 % while the incremental cost which is a one-time cost is only 8-10 %.

Perception # 2: Green buildings have to be air-conditioned

Reality: Green building concepts and the LEED rating can be applied for non-air conditioning buildings which uses the same energy efficiency measures for example - lighting, roof insulation etc.

Perception # 3: Green buildings take more time

Reality: There is absolutely no difference in the time involved in constructing a green building vis-à-vis a normal building. The time schedule for the green building can be synchronized with that of the traditional building. This has been amply demonstrated in buildings like the Wipro in Gurgaon and Grundfos in Chennai. CHALLENGES IN ADOPTING GREEN TECHNOLOGY:

In India, green buildings literally means “Only for rich concept.” The only few green

building initiatives are from the large housing corporate who demand towering prices for

such dwelling. Presently there is not a single scheme which talks about “green slums or

greening of slums”, yet is extremely important to have all inclusive green development

agenda. Hence, the fundamental flaw in our urban planning is that we haven’t

planned for slums.

2. The skills requirement for the green buildings is still at a very nascent stage. On one hand

we have a few engineers, architects, builders and consultants who have the skill set for

green buildings, on the other hand the skill set of the workers, technicians and skilled

labourers is highly inadequate. More than 82% of the workers in construction industry are

either unskilled or uneducated. The ITIs and vocational training institutes do not have

any idea of green skills which are yet to be part of their course work. Training in these

 areas is the key for market penetration and this can only be done when this is included in

the formal curriculum.

3. There are several agencies who are working independently on the subject. There is no

policy/regulation/law which is mandatory for all new buildings. Thus, conducive

government framework would be the key to...
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