A Study on the Concept of Green Building & Analysis of Its Practice in International and Domestic Levels

Topics: Green building, Construction, Building engineering Pages: 15 (3119 words) Published: July 20, 2010
Table of Contents

4.What is Green Building?10
5.Objectives of Green Building11
6.Why Build Green?11
7.How do buildings affect climate change?12
8.Benefits of Green Building12
9.Elements of Green Buildings13
9.1.Siting and structure design efficiency13
9.2.Energy efficiency14
9.3.Water efficiency14
9.4.Materials efficiency14
9.5.Indoor environmental quality enhancement15
9.6.Operations and maintenance optimization15
9.7.Waste & Toxic Reduction15
9.8.Occupant Health and Safety16
10.What building types can be green?16
11.Critics of Green Building, Cost16
12.Green Home17
12.1.Heating and Cooling18
12.3.Insulation, Air Sealing, and Weatherization23
12.4.Windows, Skylights, and Exterior Doors23
12.5.Hot Water Systems24
12.6.Interior Walls and Ceilings25
12.7.Air Cleaning25
12.8.Exterior Finishes25
12.9.Green Power for the Home25
13.Other Practices related to Green Home27
14.Green Building, practice at International Level28
14.1.Non-synergic Practice28
14.2.Synergic Practice, World Green Building Councils30
14.2.4.The challenge32
14.2.5.The solution32
14.2.6.GBC Membership, How to become a member?33
14.2.7.Membership Types33
14.2.8.Present Members of GBC33
14.2.9.Green Building Rating Systems35
14.3.United States Green Building Council36
14.3.1.About USGBC36
14.3.2.USGBC's Mission36
14.3.3.USGBC's Vision36
14.3.4.USGBC's Headquarters36
14.3.5.USGBC Programs37
14.3.6.Certified Buildings of US GBC (details at appendix)38 14.4.Indian Green Building Council39
14.4.1.About IGBC39
14.4.2.Rating Systems of IGBC39
14.4.3.Membership in IGBC41
14.4.4.IGBC Programs41
14.4.5.Certified buildings of IGBC42
15.Green Building, practice in Bangladesh43
15.1.Case 01: Solar Panel at PM Office, March’1043
15.2.Case 02: Solar Panel at Bangladesh Bank HO, March’1043 15.3.Case 03: Green Building solution in the new office of Viyellatex , Feb’1043 15.4.Green Home, practice in Bangladesh46

Appendix A, UGBC Project Profile (2 projects)
Appendix B, Presentation Slides

Executive Summary

Green Building is the practice of creating structures and using processes that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout a building's life-cycle from siting to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation and deconstruction. It is also known as green construction or sustainable building or high performance building.

Objectives of Green Building are:

Efficiently using energy, water, and other resources

Protecting occupant health and improving employee productivity

Reducing waste, pollution and environmental degradation

It has several benefits like:

Environmental benefits

Economic benefits

Social benefits

Green Building also contributes in slowing down the pace of global climate change by reducing the energy use and greenhouse gas emissions produced by buildings.

Green Home, the prototype of Green Building concept, focuses on the objectives of Green Building at micro level. This covers the following aspects of a home:

Heating and Cooling


Insulation, Air Sealing, and Weatherization etc.

The concept of Green Building is being practiced worldwide through two different approaches: Non-Synergic (like ISO 21931) and Synergic (Green Building Councils). The World Green Building Council (WGBC) is promoting the concept by opening chapters in several countries of the world in a synergic way.

In Bangladesh, Green Building is not being...
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