Benefits of Electronic Medical Records

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  • Published : January 4, 2012
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Benefits of Electronic Medical Records
Stephanie Fine
December 5, 2011
Cindy Perkins

Benefits of Electronic Medical Records
* “In 1972, the Regenstreif Institute developed the first medical records system” (Unknown, History of Electronic Medical Records, 2011, Para. 3). Since then, health care facilities across the nation are beginning to see the benefits that electronic medical records have on both health care providers and patients as well. This paper will discuss the benefits of electronic medical records for patients as well as one aspect relating to the values and importance of maintaining confidentiality when using this mode of communication. This paper will provide at least one reason this mode is an effective means of communication between consumers and providers and explain how this mode of communication differs from others. Finally, this paper will show how media and social networking change communication in health care as well as how electronic medical records can be used to market health care products or services. * Although there are many benefits for patients and Electronic medical records this paper will focus on the top three. The first benefit would be that “Electronic medical records (EMR’s) help improve the care of patients and reduce medical errors in doctors’ offices” (Huckestein, 2011, Para. 1). This is because all of a patients medical records are kept in one place and accessed through a secured web portal by any provider that the patient must see. This leave less room for errors due to unspoken information that can be critical to the patient but forgotten to say to the provider such as allergies, medications, and previous diagnoses. The second benefit would be the ease of access. Most health care facilities that use electronic medical records also use e-prescriptions as well. “Prescriptions are electronically sent directly to pharmacies and are ready to be picked up after the office visit” (Huckestein, 2011, Para....
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