Patient Intake Process

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  • Published : March 17, 2013
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Improving Patient Intake Efficiency
Sherri Joiner
HCR 220
March 16, 2013
Lydia Cavieux

Improving Patient Intake Efficiency
For people, who do not work inside the medical community, the steps it takes to complete the process for their intake at an appointment may not be given much thought. The intake process consists of many steps that utilize the use of the referring physician’s office, the receptionist, the insurance personnel, and the patient. As one can see, the process takes many different people. When considering all of the people involved in the process, the question comes to mind about a more efficient way to complete the process. The process involves many pages of paperwork. The information is then taken from the paper work and entered into the computer. Insurance cards must be obtained and copied. The insurance copays, deductibles, and eligibility must then be verified and patient informed of his or her responsibility. Documents are signed and a chart formed to be provided to the clinical area. Depending on the speed and understanding of the patient, the clinical staff and other office functions being done at the time of intake, this could take anywhere from 15 to 25 minutes just to ready the patient to be seen by the physician. All of these steps contribute to the length of time and proficiency in the intake process. Again, the question at hand is how the whole process can be made more efficient, not only for the office staff and physician, but also for the patient. The use of electronic health information change can make the process more efficient. “Health care organizations need to do more to help patients realize the full benefits of electronic data from emerging health information exchange systems, according to a new study commissioned by Consumers Union that appears in the March 2012 Health Affairs”, according to American Nurse. With the development of the electronic health information exchange networks, patient’s information...
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