Benefits of Competing in World Touring Car Championship and World Rally Championship

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BSc Motorsport Management and Logistics

Background to WTCC and WRC4
Comparisons of the two championships7
International Championship7
High Performance cars7
International Media7
Benefits of competing9
Development of technology9
Brand image10
Fan Loyalty11


This document will make a case for a car manufacturer to join either the World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) or World Rally Championship (WRC). The report gives; a background, comparisons of the two championships, benefits in competing in either championships and to which championship the author would recommend a car manufacturer to enter.

Background to WTCC and WRC

The world rally is an international competition in motorsport, named the ‘WRC’ – ‘World Rally Championship’. The WRC is an organisation governed by the ‘FIA’ – ‘Federation Internationale de l'Automobile’. The WRC organise events where specially designed cars compete upon setting point to point times on closed roads. The roads named ‘special stages’ are held in many different countries around the world.

[See appendix 1 for the ‘WRC’ Website championship definition].
[Reference 1]
These special stages are performed consecutively for most of the day and usually at night time and over 3 or 4 days, throughout the year or ‘race season’ as called in motorosport, drivers and race teams accumulate points in order to equate to a championship, where at the end of the season the highest points scoring drivers and teams can be awarded as World Rally Champions of that specific year.

“Unsurprisingly, the series is widely regarded as the most challenging motorsport competition in the world”
[See Appendix 2 for more details]
[Reference 1]
The World touring cars is an international competition in motorsport formally named ‘WTCC’ – ‘World Tour Car Championship’ and governed by the FIA. The WTCC internationally organise race events in order for specially designed Touring Cars (based upon production road cars) to compete for the title of World Touring Car Champions.

[Reference 2 & 3]

The WTCC is an international championship competing in such countries as; Italy, Germany, Brazil, Japan and many more. The events are usually run over 4 days and consist of 2 races per event. The Drivers and teams equate points contributing to a championship over every race where the most successful driver and team at the end of the championship is the winner.

[Reference 3]
[See appendix 3 for more details on the WRC]

Comparisons of the two championships

WRC and WTCC are very similar yet very different. They are mainly linked through the fact they are both car racing championships within Motorsports. Championship
The WTCC and WRC are also both ‘championships’, this is where drivers and teams equate points over race or rallies International Championship
.Both series’ are international in where the championships are run in multiple different countries and over multiple days.
[Reference 3 & 4]
High Performance cars
Both WTCC and WRC use high performance specialist vehicles; the wrc cars are built to regulations governed by the FIA called group A where the WTCC cars are built to Group N and modified to Super 2000 regulations.

For details on regulations and specifications see appendix *get champ regs an specs!*
See appendix 5 for more details
[Reference 5, 6 &7]
International Media
Both championships receive internationally viewed television footage upon Euro sport television channel and in the U.K the WRC is also aired upon television channel Dave and 39 other broadcasters around the...
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