Big Data

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Big Data

Myisha Coleman

July 22, 2012

Big Data

Dr. Dani Babb

Big Data

The Volvo Car Corporation was founded in 1927. Since that time the company
prides itself upon leading its competitors in safety and engineering of its automobiles. As time
and technology have evolved so has Volvo and the products the company is offering its
customers. Owners of a Volvo automobile have the privilege of being equipped with the latest
technology to meet their transportation needs and expectations. Volvo’s mission is for customers
to feel safe in their products. The purpose of having a high tech computer system in their cars is
to help the customer predict maintenance issues before they occur. Volvo is using the most
current technology to provide a proactive experience for its customer.
Volvo has placed “sensors, controllers and up to 60 microprocessors per vehicle.
Onboard Computers perform a wide range of control, monitoring and diagnostic functions in the
Engine, Transmission, braking and traction control systems, cruise control, climate control,
passenger Compartment and instrument” (A Car company Powered By Data, 2011). These
micro processors are connected to the Volvo cloud network. Each system produces a
diagnostic trouble code (DTC) when it detects a problem with the car. Errors that require
immediate attention will trigger the Service Engine Soon light. “Trouble codes are typically
stored in the engine control units (ECU) until the vehicle requires scheduled...
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