Benefits Course Project

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Table of Contents
Part I: Select and Profile an Organization for the Benefit Plan * The Origin
* The Story
* Expansion through United States & Global Market
* Core Values
* Benefit Overview
* Benefits/United State Employee Whole Foods Stores
* Benefits/Canada Employees Whole Foods Stores
* Benefits/UK Employees Whole Foods Stores
Part II: Statement of the Issue
* SWOTS Analysis
Part II: Literature Review
Part IV: Issue Analysis
Part V: Issue Solutions
Part VI: Solution and Its Implementation
Part VII: Justification
Part VII: Reflection

Part I: Select & Profile an Organization for the Benefit Plan The Origin
Whole Foods Market was founded in Austin Texas by four local business folk. Whole Foods Market sells natural food in the supermarket format. Founders John Mackey, Renee Lawson Hardy (Owners of Safer Way Natural Foods) Craig Weller, Mark Skiles (Owners of Clarksville Natural Grocery). The original store opened in 1980; with 19 staff it was an immediate success. During that particular time the store concept in the natural way had less than half a dozen natural food supermarkets in the United States. The brand had major growth with mergers and acquisitioning. The Story

John Mackey, Renee Lawson borrowed $45,000 from family and friends to develop and create a brand of natural food store called Safer Way in Austin Texas. The couple was kicked out of their apartment due to storing food goods and products. They eventually moved into the store. The store didn’t have a shower, so they utilized the Hobart Dishwasher and a water hose. What a sacrifice! Two years later the couple partnered with Craig Weller and Mark Skiles to merge Safer Way with Clarksville Natural Grocery. Whole Foods opened September 20th, 1980. The store wad 10.500 Square feet and had 19 staff to operate the store front. Less than a year later, Memorial Day weekend Austin Texas Faced the worst flood in about 70 years. The flood wiped out the inventory and destroyed the equipment. The cost of damage toppled over $400,000; to top that there was no insurance. Fortunately, the community invested their time to clean and rebuild the store. Within 28 days it was reopened. With support from investors, vendors, creditors and volunteers, Whole Foods has been ahead and has not looked back.

Expansion through United States & Global Market
Whole Foods Market made expansions first in Houston Texas, Dallas Texas and New Orleans in 1984. Four years later in 1988, Whole Food Company was purchased and in 1989 there was another expansion on the West Coast in Palo California. Stores were built from the ground up and Whole Foods Market kept acquiring other Natural Foods Chains throughout the 1990’s. Acquiring over 10 smaller natural food stores through the Midwest, west coast and east coast a Monopoly was created. Thirty years later, with acquisitions of Food for Thought in Northern California and Harry Famers and markets in Atlanta; media and financial interest was developed. In 2001, Whole Foods opened in Manhattan. In 2002 Whole Foods expanded into The Canadian Market. Whole Foods entered an acquisition in the United Kingdom with a brand called Seven Fresh & Wild Stores. Core Values

Whole Foods Market has core values and they keep them consistent. “Under Pinning of our Culture” is a quote they abide by ( There are seven values that keeps the Brand leading and on top. A few are:

* Selling the highest Quality Natural & Organic Products available * Supporting Team Member Happiness & excellence
* Creating Wealth Through Profits & Growth
* Satisfying & Delighting Our Customers
* Caring About Our Communities & Our Environment
* Creating On-going win-win partnerships with our suppliers * Promoting the health of our stakeholders through healthy eating education Whole Food Market brand is all about having a passion...
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