Benefits and Disadvantages of a Bsn in Nursing

Topics: Academic degree, Nursing, Bachelor's degree Pages: 3 (1130 words) Published: December 13, 2011
Recently, a small group consisting of three Breckenridge nursing students researched the education levels of a registered nurse. The title registered nurse is held in high regards respectively. Each nurse and perspective nurse is an individual and has a different home life from one another. Some of them may have to work a full time job to keep a roof over their head. Others may work part time or enough to keep their license active. All of those factors determine the individual’s level of education and commitment to work. Nurses possessing RN-to-BSN degrees are often viewed more favorably by employers because they tend to have much more clinical and practical experience than some BSN holders who complete a bachelor’s degree directly out of high school (Bourgoin, et al). Today some states and many hospitals have presented a new education conflict for the working registered nurse. Many of them are requiring their employees to continue their education to a bachelor’s degree in nursing. There are both pros and cons to this conflict. On the positive side, the employer will pay for the employee’s tuition. In return, the employee will sign a work contract for a certain amount of years. Signing a work contract can sound discouraging because it is a legal binding obligation. If the contract is defaulted, the employee will have to pay back their tuition. On the other hand, signing a contract isn't such a bad idea. With the high unemployment rate in today’s poor economy, one will be guaranteed a job for a certain amount of time. With the shortage of nurses and nurse educators, most schools are no longer offering an associate’s degree in nursing. Some have made a streamline that allows you to graduate with your associates and bachelor’s degree at the same time. Typically this type of program is accelerated. On the down side, this may not be an option for a parent or a full time employee. The heavy work load can be hard to juggle. According to Megginson, “the RN to...
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