Rn vs Bsn

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  • Published : May 29, 2013
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MINIMUM EDUCATION FOR NURSES: ADN VS. BSN Minimum Education for Nurses: ADN vs. BSN The debate over the minimum required education for nurses has been one that has gone on for much time now. There are many reasons that one would argue for one degree or the other, however, ADN programs across the country have been the primary source of education for the majority of nurses for some time now. Many argue that a bachelor’s degree should be required in order for a nurse to begin practicing. Some feel that completing this degree gives the nurse the well-rounded education that many other professions require while others feel that nursing is a unique profession which requires specific education related to the nursing practice and, therefore, does not necessarily require the extensive general education needed in many other career fields. “Donley and Flaherty (2008), while supporting the BSN entry requirement, argued that there is a need for more research and dialogue about the amount, type, and measurement of clinical work, adding that these studies are needed in order to make better informed decisions concerning professional legislation, accreditation, certification, education, healthcare outcomes, and future-oriented career ladders.”(Smith, 2009). Requiring a bachelor’s degree for entry into the nursing profession creates a socioeconomic bias, and therefore, prejudice to some degree. Those who decide to be nurses are many times in the lower middle class. They are looking for a way to get an education in a couple of years so that they can support their families and requiring a BSN would mean poverty for many of them. Nursing programs are very intense and in order to succeed, it is not recommended that the student work full-time while attending. This also compounds the financial strain on the student and his/her family. Bachelor’s degrees also cost thousands of dollars, which most people without formal...
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