Benefit Preparing Home Cooked Meals

Topics: Food, Nutrition, Eating Pages: 2 (497 words) Published: May 16, 2013

I. Introduction
The benefits of preparing home-cooked meals are we can have more quality times together with family, the meals can reduces the risk of an allergic reaction and create the appropriate food portion needed for our family members.

II. Body
A. Preparing home-cooked meals allow us to spend valued time with family. 1. Everyone can take part in meal preparation.
a. By allowing children to participate in meal planning and cooking we are teaching them valuable self-sufficiency skills. i. Self-sufficiency defined as state in which someone or something can self-sustain oneself without using outside resources. i. Learning and implementing self-sufficiency food skills can impact our family expense far more and far quicker than just about anything else our family can do (Sam, 2009, p.3) b. Encourage support for each other.

2. Studies have shown that eating meals together helps to reinforce communication (Mariana, 2006, p. 18) a. Family members can lightly talk about their daily routines or what they have been doing during the days while eating. b.

B. By preparing home-made meals we can reduce the risk of an allergic reaction within our family. 1. We might identify our family’s allergic problem.
a. Avoid using ingredients that can trigger allergic during meal’s preparing process. b. The best treatment for food allergies is avoidance (Philips and George,2009, p. 36)

2. We are able to ensure the foods being prepared are always clean and safe to eat. a. The preparation steps are guaranteed clean compared to meal prepared by others. i. Thoroughly all clean equipment and utensil are being used when we homely prepared meals (Robert, 2007, p. 97) b. Keep the kitchen and dining environment at a very top clean condition. i. According to Mary, the cooking area should be keep clean always in ensuring the optimal clean process meal (Sloane,...
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