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Topics: Suicide, Bullying, Abuse Pages: 1 (370 words) Published: October 3, 2012
Title: Negative effects experienced by teenage victims of bully are lower academic performance, loss of self confidence and increasing of mental stress. * Lowers academic performance
* Loss of self confidence
* Increase mental stress

What is bullying? As we know, bullying is when someone keeps doing or saying things to have power over another person. Some of the ways they bully other people are by: calling them out of activities, not talking to them, threatening them, making them feel uncomfortable or scared or other things like that. One of the effects of bullying is it can lowers academic performance, According a study by the Educational Review, bullying victims are at an increased risk of truancy and it can give the impact to their study. From this situation the student that in bullying can’t concentrate for their focus on learning because their always afraid in bullying. Besides that, another effect of bullying is loss of self confidence because when the person that in bullying there will always feel uncomfortable everywhere and always thing about that situation. For example, the person those in bullying always think that he is not as good and if the person in one group their will shouldn’t even bother trying out for a team. Finally, the effect of bullying is increase mental stress, connections have been made between bullying and a number of mental health issues. We know that children and youth who are bullied are more likely to experience stress and depression, to engage in self-harm, and to think about or attempt suicide. Apart from that, in younger children, the effects of bullying often present themselves as physical ailments. For example, children may come into the clinic complaining of a tummy ache or headache. Older youth often report feelings associated with depression, suicidal thoughts or attempts, difficulty at school, and problems with substance abuse. In conclusion, growing up can be a difficult time. Young people are always...
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