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Topics: Hygiene, Food, Street food Pages: 13 (3117 words) Published: March 13, 2011
RESEARCH PAPER No. 2011 – 01


Mark Ace Acosta, Franco Alvarado, Cristine Baturi,
Eva Marie Galamgam, Lukelene Nisperos and
Joni Therese Razote


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MARCH 2011

Hygiene and Sanitation of Street Food Vendors in Baguio City

Mark Ace Acosta, Franco Adalard Alvarado, Cristine Baturi, Eva Marie Galamgam, Lukelene Nisperos and Mrs. Joni Therese P. Razote


The street food industry has an important role in meeting the demands of urban dwellers, but along with that are risk health hazards that may occur to people. The paper examines the food safety and hygienic practices of food vendors of Baguio city and the data gathering shows that almost street vendors here do not practice proper food handling; only few of them attended seminars regarding safety and sanitation. The study aims to know the awareness and practices of street food vendors in food handling thus the finding recommends that there is a need for health education in order to ensure food safety to consumers.

KEYWORDS: food safety; hygienic; street food vendors


Street foods today are becoming more popular because of its cheap price and relatively easy accessibility to urban residents. While this development is positive in many ways, it also prevents new public health challenges for the urban population. Safe food hygiene is difficult to practice at street level, and outbreaks in diarrheal diseases have been linked to street food. Few vendors only acquired the knowledge of food preparation by formal training. Volume and price are considered more than freshness and cleanliness when purchasing raw materials. Some of the food safety knowledge of the vendors is not practiced due to the absence of basic facilities such as water and toilets.

The objectives of this study are to inform people whether foods being sold at the street levels are safe to eat, to know if this vendors are observing proper hygiene and sanitation, and to be able to know if the street food vendors are knowledgeable that improper hygienic practices can affect their customer’s health.

Review of Related Literature

According to studies done in Africa on street foods, their tremendous unlimited and unregulated growth is adversely affecting daily life. FAO further stipulates that street foods raise concern with respect to their potential for serious food poisoning outbreaks due to improper use of additives, the presence of adulterants and environmental contaminants and improper food handling practices amongst street food vendors. Street food vendors are often unlicensed,untrained in food hygiene and sanitation, and work under crude unsanitary condition.(Lathm MC Human nutrition in tropical Africa.FAO,Rome.1997: 329-437),

(FAO.Agriculture food and nutrition for Africa. A resource book for teachers of Agriculture.FAO,Rome. 1997:123 )

According to the study in Kumasi, Ghana, diarrheal diseases due to contaminated and unhygienic food are among the leading causes of illness and deaths in low-income countries, and several outbreaks of disease have been attributed to the consumption of street food. Research among 117 street vendors in Accra showed that all vendors exhibited good food hygiene, but samples of salads, macaroni, fufu, omo tuo, and red pepper had unacceptable levels of pathogens. Shigella sonnei and enteroggregative Escherichia coli were isolated form macaroni, rice, and tomato stew, and Salmonella arizonae from light soup. Recent research has highlighted the low quality of vegetables sold in...
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