Weathervane Restaurant Interview and Inspection

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HOSP 420 XXXXX – Food Safety and Sanitation

XXXXX – Instructor

Weathervane Restaurant Interview and Inspection

Interview of Weathervane Restaurant Brewer Maine4
Restaurant Inspection Report8
Inspection Scores8
Correction Solutions11
Overall Assessment15
Inspection of Interior and Exterior15
Cleaning List16
Appendix A20
Restaurant Inspection Report Tables20
Dining Room20
Total Score for the Restaurant22

This assignment has me going to the Weathervane Restaurant to satisfy the requirement of this assignment. Weathervane is in existence in Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. I chose the Weathervane at it has the best fried clams in the world according to me and I wanted to something that isn’t too popular like Chili’s or Texas Roadhouse. They always seem to be serving great seafood and always keep me coming, a sign the business is really consistent in their about their service. I asked specific questions about how the restaurant does things as part of my inspection. Also, it was ongoing questions pertaining to methods of approach to a particular process/step and what they plan to do about it. We began to sit down and review their food safety practices and the crucial part on why they are a staple to the operating of a restaurant. To be total objective, I had to seek out problems I saw and how they can go about things differently. As I sum up and close, I will give the reasoning why it is critical to have these policies to food safety processes. How efficient the facility runs and the broader picture of the sanitation and cleanliness of the restaurant can go based on my input to this will be discussed as well.

Interview of Weathervane Restaurant Brewer Maine
I did my interview at the Brewer Maine location of the Weathervane Restaurant on November 1, 2012 (Restaurant, 2012). I interviewed with both Thomas the Executive Chef and Fallon the General Manager. Both of them are ServSafe Certified. They have an outside firm come in and give their establishment an inspection to be inspected to follow guidelines, but have flexibility in when they are inspected. Front of the line cooks and chefs and the host and servers are also certified as well as this is a State of Maine food code requirement. All of the staff, with exception to bus boys, dishwashers, and loading personnel are given a food safety course prior to the starting of their jobs. They are issued this at the Health and Human Services office and for this location, they must go to Bangor Maine’s Health and Human Services office (Restaurant, 2012). As part of an ongoing practice the Weathervane has ongoing huddles to train the employees on latest requirements set by federal, state, and local governments and to make sure that food safety standards are met. They are on top of the proper temperatures for which needs to maintain in foods by means of control and reducing contamination are on the eyes of the prize of Weathervane’s concern. They need to be assessed at a 75 percentile or better to be gainfully employed in the food service, with the inspection of the loading dock personnel (National Resturant Association, 2011). Aprons are in great supply as with every shift is an apron closet full of clean and well stocked aprons and hair nets are always in supply. Hand washing is one of the mastery skills needed for the kitchen staff and is a requirement. Weathervane has the correct cutting board for the right job when it comes to the food being prepared. Certain tables do certain things at Weathervane and without exception when it comes to trying to use a table not meant for that particular table’s purpose (Restaurant, 2012). A lot of what they do is centralized meaning they have firms that handle certain regulatory practices and therefore maintains the restaurant health and...
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