Being a Part of a Team More Important Than Leading It

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"Being part of a team is more important than leading it."
It is too difficult these days during the complexity of business and corporate pressure to build out teams, in order to resolve business challenges situations like service, product renovation, turnaround recovery plans, launch new products, meet the market changes and challenges it’s important to pay attention to building a team. Team, by concept, is a group of members whom could be selected or nominated usually by management; the role is to execute a certain business “mission” within the organization under a very clear goals and objectives with a defined timeline as well as deliverables. Now a day’s both economy and the business growing very fast and the challenges is continuously increasing. New concepts came up, new technology and new strategies invented ,the world moving very fast ,everything now in a mass, production in a mass ,corporate in a mass ,so all the people they don’t have time to work individually to achieve the mission assigned to them ,so now the techniques to work in a group came up with all the challenges we have it, one person can’t solve the problem right from the first time and with required time. Single person doesn’t have the time, the required skills and /or the expertise to accomplish various tasks, task that must be carried out successfully in order to successfully tackle the problem of interest. By wording we are calling it a team not a group, hence there is a big difference between the both, we can’t call the football or basketball team a football group, group not like the team, team usually have one goal, one mission, one task and one problem to solve, but the group is a group of people from different place and different objective but they met together, Like a random sample taken. “There is no I in team but there is in win” , team must have a harmony between each other’s and with the team leader they must have the same spirit and the same challenges with different skills /experiences to complete each other’s and reach to the ideal team, “I am a member of a team, and I rely on the team, I defer to it and sacrifice for it, because the team not the individual is the ultimate champion”, It is not only the matter to form a team and nominate a team leader to let the team working under his/her coaching, but all the team member including the team leader must be an effective member, and to be an effective team member it is must have good people skills and communication skills in addition to a high strong technical skill set, the guidelines for being an effective team member include: Responsible

A team member must be a proactive ,if they came to know there is a task needs to be solve or done, the team member have the skills to do it ,a team member has to take the initiative to do it and to be dependable to do fair share of the work and strive to accomplish any tasks in a timely manner, doing so will allow the team to meet the dead line, and to be accountable if the team member agreed to take on a specific task. It is also important to deliver his promises and if he faces difficulties in solving the problem he has to communicate to the team at the right time so they can come up with alternatives to solve a problem and meet the dead lines as well as obligations, as a result the team can meet the goal desired. Effectively communication

Good communication skills s important for an effective team member, that’s mean all the team members must be open to each other, talk to each other, listen good and show the respect to the new ideas and take the intuitive to share to add value to the ideas generated by any team member, this is important to reach to the a good guidelines to achieve the team mission at the end, a good communication style involves honesty, friendliness, thoroughness, and high quality in achieving the goals. Respect

As a team member, one has to respect other members and understand each member is an expertise in his field and has...
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