Being on Time in the Military

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Being On Time In The Military

Countability is one of the fundementals of the military. It not only brings personal responsibility but it also shows the organization of a unit. There are many reasons why being on time is so important. In this paper I will share these reason and give some ideas on time management.

The US Army depends solely on its soldiers, enlisted, warrant officers and commissioned officers alike. The military would not be anything without the soldiers. When soldiers are not there to perform there duties or they are late that brings down the efficiency of the unit. Although it all depends on the situation, being 2 minutes late for a morning PT formation isn’t as bad as holding up a whole convoy because you are late. But its all relative to the principle of the matter.

Time management is a very large part of successful person, military or civilian. Many people could improve they’re lives drastically if they knew how to manage the time properly. Setting priorities is a very basic step in the process of time management. If your priorities are not set properly then you won’t get the important things done in a timely manner. People often go over there time limits that they set because they are to optimistic. When allotting time for an event make sure to include extra time at the in case something unexpected comes up. This way you are covered if something unexpected happens and if you finish on time then you are actually ahead of your schedule.

To manage to time properly in the military you must set goals. Choose a handfull of goals to get you started on your new time schedule. Allow for certain amount of time for every planned event in you life. Set time standards for yourself and keep trying to beat that standard. Whenever you can get more efficient in any one event that will help your overall time schedule.

After having your realistic goals set for good you would then execute. The important part of this stage is...
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