Personal Responsibility

Topics: Management, Goal, Time management Pages: 3 (927 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Enrique G.
Personal Responsibility

Merriam Webster defines personal responsibility as: “the quality of being accountable; especially: obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account ones action.” I believe personal responsibility goes beyond Merriam Webster’s definition; one must also possess great time management skills as well as commitment and goal setting skills to be successful in our personal and professional life. These traits will make us successful in education and our professional life. How does personal responsibility and college success relate to each other and what traits will be used to be successful? How do I plan on using this new found knowledge to become successful in personal and business situations?

Time management is a very important tool for success because it allows people to plan and take advantage of a full 24 hour day. You must be able to have good time management skills to be able to meet your day to day goals. Planning and scheduling are the two most important components of time management and both allow you to create a goal and execute it. This is very important in the real world because it allows you to be successful in your everyday life. One way I use these in my personal life is creating a goal for the month and creating weekly and daily goals to accomplish my month’s goal. Another important tool for success is commitment, in order to be committed and follow through with commitments is to learn how to prioritize. Being able to prioritize what should be done first will allow you to be successful as well and will allow you to get the most important tasks done and possibly push the least important plans over to the next day or week depending on the goal.

If one is able to be successful in their personal life meaning, being able to achieve goals using traits mentioned above, it will make it easier for one to be successful in their studies and school. “People who set goals in only one area of...
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