Behaviour Management

Topics: Family, Psychology, Developmental psychology Pages: 10 (3887 words) Published: April 10, 2013
The assignment is about behaviour management and is based on a case study of a family where the oldest child, Susie, has a number of behaviour problems. The assignment will be split into six sections. The first section of the assignment will look at Susie’s relationship with her mother and how the recent birth of her twin siblings has effected Susie’s attachment with her mother and also how this may have impacted on Susie’s behaviour. The second Section of the assignment will discuss Susie’s relationship with her father and any boundaries and routines are important to be kept in place. Thirdly the assignment will look at possible triggers for Susie’s regressed behaviour and how living with her grandparents may have an impact on Susie’s behaviour. The fourth section will look into management strategies that can be put in place to ensure that Susie has continuity with all family members and practitioners, also Susie may adopt some techniques herself and some of these will be suggested. The fifth section will look at a theorists and their theories, linking to the case study. The final section of the essay will consist of a conclusion, summarising the key findings in the essay and also how this essay will help with future practice.

From looking at the case study it is clear to see being separated from her mother has affected Susie’s behaviour as she is showing unwanted behaviour. The main factor that has affected Susie is her mother’s pregnancy, as Susie had to spend some time living with her grandparents. Bowlby’s attachment theory suggests that a mother and baby’s relationship is like no other, (Pound, 2008). With Susie’s mother having twins, Susie now has to adapt to not just one new sibling in her family like most other families, but she has to adjust to having two new siblings, resulting in her mother spending less time with Susie on her own. Susie’s mother has been diagnosed with post-natal depression, resulting in Susie after returning home to live with her mother and twin siblings, having to move back with her grandparents until her mother feels as though she is able to cope better. Susie does return home at the weekends, however she s finding it difficult to accept the twins. This could be linked to not being at home with her mother and not having time with her new siblings to build a bond with them. A key practitioner that should be involved with the family is a health visitor. The health visitor is not only just to check that the babies are doing well, but to provide information and support to Susie’s mother. Susie’s mother could ask the health visitor for strategies to help with Susie’s unwanted behaviour and how these can be put into place. Dukes and Smith (2011), suggest that children who have low self-esteem often appear to feel insecure, manifesting into anxiety about what will happen next and who they may be with, they could get upset because of the change of routine and also because of the absence of the key person to them. In relation to Susie she has had a change in the key carers, changing from her mother to her grandparents, possibly resulting in a change of routine and also Susie will be missing her mother. This can be a reason for the regression of Susie’s behaviour. Dukes and Smith (2011a) suggest that the role of the parents is the key person to the child, however, babies and young children entering nurseries and schools, gives the role of the key person to the practitioner, allowing the children to make positive attachments, enabling children to get the support for their social, emotional and well-being needs.

Susie has a very distant relationship with her father, which may have an effect on Susie’s behaviour, causing attachment and separation problems. This is because her father works away for most of the year and is only home for short spaces of time. When her father is home Susie gets spoilt and her routines and boundaries are forgotten. Sigman (2011) suggests that Susie’s father spoils his...
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