Behaviour: Childhood

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Support children and young people’s positive behaviour

Describe the policies and procedures of the setting relevant to promoting children and young positive behaviour. Codes of conduct:
for staff in a children or young people’s setting may provide extra guidance for staff or dealing with inappropriate behavior. Respect: Staff must show respect for children and colleagues at all times. Calm: be calm as became angry can make situations more difficult. Non-aggression: Staff never have the right to physically reprimand children. Role model: Staff should give good example all times and simple actions such as saying please and thank you, being on time for lessons can make a positive impression for children. Being consistent:Be consistent when dealing with inappropriate behaviour. Children and young person’s code of conduct

Rewards and sanctions: Rewards enable to promote positive behave and sanctions have to be applied fairly so procedures as to when and how to use them should be given in the setting. Dealing with conflict and inappropriate behaviour: Every staff should be clear what is meant by inappropriate behaviour. When practitioner deals with difficult behaviour they must follow the behaviour policy by dealing with conflict in fair and consistent way. Guidance and inclusion: All children should have equal right to be listened, valued and have their needs met, they should be able to join in the activities, encourage making friends and all children should be allowed to develop with their own culture and spiritual beliefs. Anti-bulling policy: Bulling is complex issue that most affects older children. Every setting should be clear that the setting considers bullying unacceptable and create a culture of mutual respect, consideration and care for others. The setting’s policy should include guidance on how to prevent if a child insults or making discriminatory...
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