Behavioral Anchored Rating Scale

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Methods of performance appraisal:
Traditional method
Traditional method of performance appraisal has been used by companies for very long time. A common feature of these methods is they are all relatively simple and involve appraisal by one senior. 1. Check list method

In this method the senior, the boss is given a list of questions about the junior. These questions are followed by check boxes. The superior has to put a tick mark in any one of the boxes. This method can be explained with the following ex.

Does the employee have leadership qualities Yes No A questioner containing questions is given to the senior. This method is an extremely simple method and does not involve a lot of time. The same set of questioners can be given foe every employee so that there is uniformity in selecting employee. 2. Confidential report

This method is very popular in government departments to appraise IAS officers and other high level officials. In this method the senior or the boss writes a report about the junior giving him details about the performance about the employee. The +ve and – ve traits, responsibilities handled on the job and recommendations for future incentives or promotions. The report is kept highly confidential and access to the report is limited. 3. Critical incident method

In this method critical or important incidents which have taken place on this job are noted down along with employee’s behavior and reaction in all these situations. Both +ve and –ve incidents are mentioned. This is followed by an analysis of the person, his abilities and talent, recommendations for the future incentives and promotions. 4. Ranking method

In this method ranks are given to employees based on their performance. There are different methods of ranking employees. •Simple ranking method
Alternate ranking method
Paired comparison method
Simple ranking method
Simple ranking method refers to ranks in serial order from the best employee e.g. If...
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