Behavioral Analysis Research Report

Topics: Dream, Psychology, Sleep Pages: 4 (1351 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Behavioral Analysis
William Corey Brooks
Liberty University
201240 Fall 2012 PSYC 341-B09 LUO

This is a summary of three articles all dealing with different aspects of behavioral analysis. In this paper the terms of behavioral analysis will be evaluated and a behavioral analysis of dreaming will be examined. The use of behavioral analysis for gambling addiction recovery, opposed to the traditional 12 step process, will also be covered. The purpose of this paper is to better understand the multi-faceted topic of behavioral analysis that may often be overlooked. The article entries used come from The Behavioral Analysis, The Psychological Record, and Journal of Gambling Issues. Behavioral Analysis has proven to be an effective, yet different and controversial approach in many fields of study like sleep study and addiction recovery.

Before fully understanding behavioral analysis, the terms involved must first be clarified. Many different meanings of the word “analysis” and “behavior” are offered in the dictionary that state things being compartmentalized into different parts (analysis) and how organisms interact with their environment. When the two are put together it is realized that “the analysis of behavior is a separation, into components, of the influences on this defining interaction” (Pennypacker, 1981, p. 159).

The most sophisticated form of analysis includes the responses observed and the environmental variables that go along with their occurrence (Pennypacker, 1981, p. 159). Both must be examined to get the complete analysis. “Only when all variability surrounding such a relation has been accounted for is the analysis complete, and then only at that given level” (Pennypacker, 1981, p. 159). Then it elaborates until you reveal fresh variability (Pennypacker, 1981, p. 159).

Much of this is short term behavioral analysis, whereas successful analysis is believed to be long-term. It is a process that is...
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