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PSY4100 Addictions Summer 2012 Final Exam Study Guide
NOTE: Your final exam will consist of 100 questions selected from the following, as well as selected questions from in-class tests on Food Addiction and on The Joyful Mind; correct answers to those tests have already been posted to the doc sharing portion of the Ecompanion Website. You can use the answers to check the answers you gave on your chapter study tests. Your final exam is on Wednesday, September 12, 2012; You will have from 8:15AM to 9:45AM to complete the final exam. There are no make up dates for the final exam. From Chapter 1: 1. According to Shavelson (2001), author of Hooked, which three words define harm reduction? A. any positive change B. recovery from pain C. a controlled life D. I’m in recovery ANS: B PG1 2. The DSM-5 has made the following change from the previous version of the DSM: A.The term dependence will now be used instead of addiction B. Abuse and dependence are now to be dichotomized C. Specific criteria for diagnosis will no longer be provided D. The term dependence will now be used only for physiological dependence ANS:D PG3 3. According to the DSM-5 what term or terms replace(s) the word dependence? A. a personal choice B.. a bad habit C. a brain disease D. addiction. ANS:D PG4

4. Which of the following are NOT typical symptoms defined by the DSM-5 to diagnose substance use disorder: A. tolerance B.unsuccessful attempts to control or reduce consumption C. nervous facial tics

D. withdrawal problems ANS:C PG4 5. In the boxed reading, “Social Work Major Working in a Casino,” the author describes A. her gambling addiction problems. B. examples of people winning lots of money. C. close surveillance of employees. D. advantages of playing black jack. ANS:C PG6-7 6. A behavior pattern of compulsive substance abuse is the definition of: A. contemporary perspective B. metacommunication C. incompatible with the biopsychosocial model D. the concept of addiction ANS:D PG9 7. According to the text, to understand the pain connected with addictive and compulsive behavior, one must: A. focus on harm reduction. B. understand the pleasure side of the activity. C. emphasize character weakness. D. attend an AA meeting. ANS:B PG10 8. According to the text, alcoholism is described in this book as an illness because: A. the concept recognizes alcoholism as both a medical and social problem B. the use of disease as a term is victim blaming C. to avoid the notion of alcoholism as a brain disease D. to increase the popularity of the book. ANS:A PG11

9.. As stated in the text, addiction is an illness of the: A. body only. B. mind only. C. soul only. D. body, mind, and soul ANS:D PG12 10.. The third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer is A. illicit drug use B. head injuries C. asthma D. alcohol misuse



11. According to the text, the following behaviors can become addictive except for: A. drug/alcohol use. B. eating. C. shopping. D. studying. ANS:D PG19

12. A concept that is stressed in the text for its explanatory value is A.. interactionism B.. dichotomization C. abuse versus misuse D. codependency ANS:A PG14 13. _______________ is the basic principle that cause and effect are intertwined. A. Interactionism B. Intolerance C. Pathology D. Medical model ANS:A PG14 14. Interactionism is seen most vividly, according to the text, in A. use of robots. B. family system dynamics. C. creating art. D. prayer. ANS:B PG15 15. According to the text, approximately____of mental health clients have problems stemming from their own or their family members’ addiction problems: A. 20% B. 50% C. 80% D 90% ANS:B PG15 16. Approximately______________of U.S. prison inmates meet the DSM criteria for substance misuse A. 100,000 B. 300,000 C. 700,000 D. 1.5 million ANS:D PG16 17. Which of the following treatment modalities was not highly rated in empirical

research for effectiveness? A. self-control and social skills training B. use of...
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