Beans vs Peas Germination Rates

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  • Published : October 25, 2010
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Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) and Pea (Pisum Sativum) Temperature Germination Experiment Abstract:
This experiment had the purpose of testing temperature for bean and pea seed germination. 100 beans were taken and split into four groups of 25. Each Group of 25 beans was folded inside a damp paper towel. Two of the damp paper towels, with the beans inside, were put in a plastic bag and then moved to a warm place and the other two paper towels were put in a plastic bag and then moved to a cold room. The same process was repeated for the peas. It was hypothesized that the beans and peas that were put in the warm room would germinate fastest. When the seeds were taken out of the rooms for examination one week later all 25 of the beans that were in the warm room, in both rep one and rep two had germinated. As for the peas in the warm room, 15 of the 25 peas had germinated in rep one and in rep two 8 of the 25 peas had germinated. None of the beans and peas in the cold room had germinated at all in the first week. The second week the remaining 7 peas for rep one in the warm room had germinated and the remaining 10 peas from rep two in the warm room had germinated. In the cold room for the second week none of the beans had germinated. All 25 of the peas in the cold room, in reps one and two finally germinated in week two. The data shows that beans germinate in a warm room and peas tolerate warm temperatures, but germinate best in colder temperatures. Beans have a greater success rate of germinating in a warm environment then peas do, but peas have a greater success rate of germinating in a cold room. Introduction:

The common bean is warm season crop and should not be planted until soil reaches 60 F. Dry bean is not tolerant to frost or to long periods of exposure to near-freezing temperatures at any stage of growth. Frost may be a problem with early-planted or emerged plants or late-seeded plants. Usually beans are not affected by high temperatures if...